Welcome to our virtual Career Day library!

We have accumulated many 30 minute life interviews with highly respected and successful Latinos, such as playwright and director Luis Valdez of La Bamba, ambassador Julian Nava, congresswoman Gloria Molina, producer and director Nancy DeLos Santos and many others who have gone through various experiences that have shaped their careers.
We think these videos can be of great value to your school for career day, or for a history or social studies class! In these interviews, your students will learn what challenges various Mexican-American figures had to face to achieve the great success they did, what drove them to activism, how much they value education and what advice they would give to young people who aim for similar success.

If you are interested in having access to our videos for your schools, please send an email to Roxana Moya, our project coordinator, here and we will be happy to provide these videos as a free resource to your school.

Click on the below video to see some samples: