Pearls of Wisdom Julio Vallejo Vice President of Finance and Strategic Planning

About the Mexican-American History Makers: Julio Vallejo is Vice President of Finance & Strategic Planning at Maya Cinemas, a film exhibition company focused on Latino markets across the United States. He has been instrumental in assembling and securing the necessary financing for Maya’s existing theaters, including private and venture capital, commercial lending, New Markets Tax Credits, EB-5 and government subsidies. He is responsible for evaluating and underwriting the feasibility of new theater projects. He also monitors and identifies market and industry trends to incorporate them into the company’s overall business and market strategies, leveraging on his deep understanding of the Latino consumer behavior and market.

Julio founded Pigmentocracia Foundation, a non-profit organization in Mexico focused on spearheading the conversation and combat against racial discrimination based mostly on skin color amongst Mexicans, a social issue that is close to Julio’s heart. Over the past decade, Julio has become an empirical expert in the subject of racial dynamics in Mexico and how it relates to migration into the United States. He has created an extensive network in the fields of academia, social entrepreneurship, media, film and advertising, as they relate to the subject matter. He majored in Economics at the Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM) in Mexico and then went on to study Business and Management of Entertainment at UCLA. Before Maya, Julio started his career working on business strategy consulting and venture capital working at multinational corporations.