Role Model of Success Karina Luna Actress, Comedian, Entrepreneur and Social Activist

About the Mexican-American History Makers: From a very early age, Karina grew up knowing she wanted to one day be like Selena (Quintanilla) — a strong, positive, unapologetic Latina boldly living out her dream, captivating the American market while representing her own culture with pride. Selena was an important figure to many but especially to a first-generation Mexican-American little girl who often felt out of place. Karina grew up in an era where you just did not see people that looked like her in Hollywood. It is for this reason that she pursued her own dreams in entertainment and strives to also one day be the face for another little girl to be empowered by and identify with.

Recently, Karina’s entertainment career has gone from “on-camera talent” to a “behind-the-scene” business queen! Just this year, she opened her own multimedia production company, graduated with her Bachelor of Science in entertainment business from The Los Angeles Film School and is continuously positioning herself to make an impact in her community with all that she does.

Armed with a passionate spirit and magnetic personality and fueled by a fire to empower, it was only a matter of time before Karina stepped into a motivational speaking role. She enjoys speaking at colleges, high schools and women’s conferences and has described herself as an “overcomer of life” striving to help empower others to reach their healthiest potential. Karina has a real passion for connecting with all individuals and investing in their personal (emotional, mental and physical) growth. She is a firm believer that history holds the keys to our “freedom” and power; therefore, she is a huge advocate of education. If there was only one thing she could leave you with, it is that you have the power to change the world by reminding us that “local” actions lead to global impact. Go forth and get active!