Mission: To educate the community about the rich cultural contributions the Mexicans in America, identified by Chicano, Latino or LatinX (we are all the same), have given to America, which are often unrecognized, as well as promote education, unity, pride and progress.

The Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation’s (MACEF) core goal is to spotlight the contribution the Mexican-American culture and people have given to America by first organizing live events (also live-streamed and recorded) where the “Mexican-American History Makers” are featured and offer a candid story of their path to success as Mexican-Americans, and a “how-to” recipe for the benefit of the next generation. We also offer a free library of live and online seminars, courses and workshops to educate, inspire pride and motivate success, specifically designed for Mexican immigrants, Mexican-Americans, Chicanos and any person wishing to embrace diversity and progress.

Our Four Core Activities:

  1. Spotlight on the “Mexican-American History Makers” who have achieved the highest degrees of success in their respective fields and have influenced the future of not only Mexican-Americans but of our entire nation inspiring generations to come. A one-hour interview.
  2. Mexican-American Role Models of Success, Sharing Their Secret Step by Step to Triumph.” Role models will share their stories and their step-by-step instructions to success in every field. They will answer questions and offer mentorship. A fifteen-minute speech followed by Q&A.
  3. How-to Educational Video Library on various subjects. Taught by successful Mexican-Americans.
    Subjects include:

    • Mexican-American History and Rich Contribution to the U.S…A Course That Will Inspire Pride and Unity
    • The 101 of How to Integrate and Succeed as a New Mexican or Latin American Immigrant in the U.S.
    • Workshops on a variety of business subjects designed for the specific needs of Mexican and Latin American immigrants, as well as Mexican-Americans and other Latinos. Includes step-by-step instructions from very successful Mexican-American leaders.
    • Steps to build powerful self-esteem as an immigrant and Mexican-American and why it is the foundation of success.
  4. We also offer scholarships and grants to encourage advancement for Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans. Some grants are paired with educational requirements to help the many great Mexican-American artists and craftsmen who are currently working for other people (making other people rich) start on the path of financial and business independence and success. Offering support and an opportunity to start their own business, thus elevating their status for the benefit of their families and community.

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