It is hard to look in any direction in this beautiful country and not see the powerful and positive influence the Mexican-American culture and people have had on America for the past almost 200 years. From the vaquero-cowboy culture, to the beautiful Mexican architecture and art plastered all over the Southwest to the artistic and world-renowned cuisine, powerful novelas and rich musical influence, our contributions are endless. Historically, hard-working Mexican-American people founded and helped build the Southwest, fought bravely for American freedom and were highly decorated, and yet those contributions are often ignored. Additionally, Mexican-Americans kids and people are often made to feel the most foreign and least welcomed of all minority groups.

These distorted views ignore that Mexican-American culture is one of the most influential in American life. Half of the US was once Mexico, and America has absorbed our culture, food, architecture, language, music, etc. and, of course, none of that has been fairly recognized.

The Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation mission is to change this distorted and harmful narrative by promoting films and filmmakers who tell our real story and educate the community about the true Mexican-American contribution.

Know Your History! Be part of the change!