It is hard to look in any direction in this beautiful country and not see the powerful and positive influence the Mexican-American culture and people have had on America for the past 170 years. From the vaquero-cowboy culture, to the beautiful Mexican architecture and art plastered all over the South-West, to the artistic and world-renowned cuisine, powerful novelas, and rich musical influence, our contributions are endless. Historically, hard-working Mexican-American people founded and helped build the South-West, fought bravely for American freedom and were highly decorated, and yet those contributions are often ignored. Instead, a negative and distorted narrative of the Mexicans in America prevails. There has never been a better opportunity for the Mexicans in America to educate, unify and elevate into roles of leadership, advocacy and social change.
The Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation’s mission is to change this distorted narrative with education, pride and unity.
Know Your History! Be part of the change!