Mexican-American Roles Models Share Their Secret “Pearls Of Wisdom”


At the same live event, at least two Mexican-American roles models will share their “Pearls Of Wisdom” for success as well as a “How To” lecture. These highly successful role models share intimate stories and their “Secret Sauce” of how being Mexican-American may have both interfered and ultimately helped them achieve greater success in their respective fields! They will also answer questions and offer mentorship. Each “Pearl of Wisdom” will be a 15-minute speech followed by Q&A.

These lectures cover a variety of business subjects designed for the specific needs of Mexican and Latin American immigrants, as well as Mexican-Americans and other Latinos. They are taught by successful Mexican-American leaders.

Subjects include:

  • Mexican-American History and Rich Contribution To The US…A Course That Will Inspire Pride and Unity
  • The 101 Of How To Integrate and Succeed as a New Mexican or Latin American Immigrant in the US
  • Steps to build a powerful self-steam, as an immigrant and Mexican-American, and why it is the foundation of success
Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz
President of the MACEFLearn More
Luis F. Fernandez
Executive DirectorLearn More
Dora Cerrillos
Founder of Matching PrinciplesLearn More
Kimberly Chavez
Director of Development and MembershipLearn More
Karina Luna
Actress, Comedian, Entrepreneur, Social ActivistLearn More
Bel Hernandez
CEO/PresidentLearn More
Naibe Reynoso
Television reporter and Creator of Con Todo PressLearn More
Julio Vallejo
Vice President of Finance and Strategic PlanningLearn More
Roxana MoyaLearn More

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